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Price: €2.950,00

Offer: €2.950,00 (incl. 6% BTW: €166,98)


Synonym for independence!  
The Canta is a vehicle specifically built for active elderly and disabled.  The Canta is extremely comfortable and may be constructed on the bike path, public road, as well as on the driving troittoir.  This is because the Canta the law is a suitable vehicle. The Canta as ease ridden by active people who have no license or disabled.  Optionally, the Canta's completely custom built from the rider in the modern equipped factory in Veenendaal. The Canta is available in many developed adaptations. With a Canta you throughout the year assured of reliable and comfortable transportation from door to door! 
All advantages at a glance:
Adjusted according to your wishes, so optimal ease of use you retain your independence, without the help of others go where you want, no driving license moped license required (45 km vehicle), allowed on bike paths, sidewalks and in malls, so transportation from door to door, parking where you want, everyone from 16jr may drive this car and every driver apply the same rules, and rules associated with the vehicle not the driver.  Inside and outside urban areas, reliable, proven technology, reliable transportation, extensive opportunities in finance, a wheelchair can be any convenient manner Canta the back or be included on the passenger side. The Canta is available in several models with a reliable Honda petrol Canta which the maximum speed of 45 km / h market.  The Canta has a gasoline engine with an automatic transmission (continuously variable transmission).

Technical Specifications

Status productused
motortypeHonda four stroke
bore x stroke 68 x 54 mm
power 5.5 hp at 3,600 rpm
inflammationElectronic, maintenance free
tankage18 liter
suspension through independent arm, front and rear suspension: spring shock unit
remmenseparate hydraulic braking system, for disc brakes and rear drum brakes, rear wheel parking brake
turning circle 6,9 meter
cylinder capacity 160 cc
compression pressure 8 atm
speed45 km/h
cooling air cooled
fuel Euro unleaded petrol
battery12V - 36 Ah
steeringpinion steering
tires400 x 10''
colorred, white and silver




Right outside mirror
Stand Heater